ECON563 Managerial Economics Assignment Help

ECON563 Managerial Economics Course Introduction

In this course, students will examine the application of microeconomic theory to the manager’s responsibilities and decision making within the organization. Topics include theory of consumer behavior, the theory of the firm within the framework of profit maximization, demand, supply and the concept of elasticity. Furthermore, the course explores different forms of markets.

Course Schedule

Review the course schedule for a weekly breakdown of assignments and activities.

ECON563 Managerial Economics Required Texts

Title: Managerial Economics and Business Strategy
Author: Michael Baye; Jeff Prince
ISBN: 9781259354335
Publisher: McGraw-Hill Higher Education
Publication Date: 2017

This course requires a McGraw Hill Connect account/etext to complete required homework assignments. After logging into the Canvas course you will be able to pair, register and purchase Connect.  For McGraw Hill Connect technical support, students should contact the Customer Experience Group at 1-800-331-5094 or online via their Support Website (Links to an external site.).

To purchase your textbook online, please visit their shop website (Links to an external site.).

You can also order one of the following options through your campus bookstore:

  • Connect Access Card to accompany Managerial Economics, 9e, ISBN 9781259354335
  • Connect Online Access
  • Loose Leaf Direct printed text via Connect

ECON563 Managerial Economics Communication

  • Please use Gmail, not the Canvas Conversations/Inbox feature.
  • Send all emails to your Professor.
  • Be sure to include “ECON563” and your Section Number in the subject of all emails.
  • You should generally expect a response within 24 hours. If you do not hear back within 24 hours, please resend your email.

ECON563 Managerial Economics Assessment and Grading

All activities must be completed within the dates specified in the weekly course schedule.

Your overall grade in the course will be comprised of several components as outlined below:

Breakdown of Assignment Components by Percentage
ComponentPercent of Overall
Discussions (See rubric)30%
Homework Assignments30%
Group Project Reports (See details & rubric)40%
eText Readings & Practice (Ungraded)0%

Discussions (30%)

There are four graded discussions in this course (Module 2, 3, 5 and 7). In addition, there is a discussion at the beginning of the course Discussion M1 (which is not graded). Please refer to the discussion rubric for the criteria for grading your participation in these discussions. These discussions are set up by section so you may not see the members of your group. It does not have any connection to the group project.

ECON563 Managerial Economics Homework Assignments (30%)

There will be a homework assignment due in each of the Modules. The homework is assigned through the McGraw Hill Connect website from the textbook and linked into each module in Canvas. The first time you select one of the homework assignments in Canvas you will need to link and authorize your McGraw Hill Connect account.

ECON563 Managerial Economics Group Project Reports (40%)

There is a group project required for this course. Students will form a group of three to work on the project.  Review more information on the Group Project Report Overview.  You will sign up for a group based on the topic that interests you.

eText Readings & Practice (Ungraded)

Each module includes a link to the relevant chapter from the Baye etext with optional practice exercises. This appears as a link to the McGraw Hill LearnSmart resource. The etext includes an interactive etext and practice questions. These are part of your McGraw Hill Connect account access. They appear as assignments but their score will not be counted towards your final course grade.

ECON563 Managerial Economics Grading Scale

A 100 point system is used. At the end of the course, the numerical grades earned for each written assignment will be averaged and translated into letter grades using the following formula.

Final Grade Breakdown by Percentage
Letter GradePercent

Late Policy: No late assignments will be accepted. However, exceptions may be made in extraordinary circumstances with advance notice to the professor. No exceptions will be made for late discussion board submissions.

Attendance Verification: For financial aid verification, you will be considered to have attended the class in the first week if you engage with the material and/or instructor in some way (examples include submitting an assignment, quiz, or test, posting on a discussion board forum, etc.).

MSU Protocols & Resources

  • Academic Honesty and Integrity (Links to an external site.): It is very important that you understand Montclair State University’s policy on academic honesty and integrity. The link above provides you with resources to understand what academic standards and plagiarism are and to learn how to take a course responsively and honestly to avoid plagiarism.
  • Student Rights and Responsibilities:  (Links to an external site.)Find out more about your rights to access the university’s resources as well as your related responsibilities.
  • MSU Library (Links to an external site.): The Harry A. Sprague Library is an online resource repository all students may use to search for articles, journals, and other academic texts.

ECON563 Managerial Economics Commitment to Accessibility

ECON563 Managerial Economics Students with disabilities or special circumstances should contact your instructor as soon as possible to ensure that your needs are met in the course. Reasonable accommodations are available for students with a documented disability. If you have a disability and may need accommodations to fully participate in this class, please contact the Disability Resource Center (Links to an external site.) (DRC at 973-655-5431).

ECON563 Managerial Economics Technical Support

  • To get help troubleshooting problems using Canvas, click on the “Help” in the global navigation on the left side of Canvas. This provides links to chat, email or phone support.
  • The Canvas GuidesLinks to an external site. provide many answers to common questions related to Canvas.
  • Minimum Computer Requirements:
    • What are the basic computer specifications for Canvas?Links to an external site.
    • Which browsers does Canvas support?Links to an external site.
  • Additional Requirements (Some courses may also require the following tools):
    • LockDown Browser System Requirements (Links to an external site.) (Used for some quizzes)
    • Citrix Receiver Requirements (Links to an external site.) (For accessing MiniTab, Microsoft Project, SPSS, etc. remotely)

ECON563 Managerial Economics  Course summary: