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MGMT 404 Project Management

Project managers often confront the challenge of reducing excessive time commitments and overloads among project resources. All of the following methods can be used to reduce work overloads EXCEPT:

a. Reorder activities when logically feasible.

b. Split an activity into two activities and delay the second part.

c. Reassign certain activities to other workers.

d. Require all project resources to work overtime

When estimating resource needs, project teams should consider all the following EXCEPT:

a. the time required to communicate between activities.

b. issues involved in securing specific knowledge or skills that are required.

c. strengths and weaknesses of scoring models.

d. support needs such as information systems and other services.



How do you set the start date of the project?

a.The Project Information dialog box

b.Click the File Menu and choose “Start Date”

c.In the Gantt Chart options

d.In the Task Usage view options menu

How are non-working hours denoted on the project calendar?

a.They have no color shading

b.They are colored red

c.They are colored blue

d.They are colored gray

What do calendar dates in bold denote?

a.That it is a vacation day

b.That it is a holiday

c.That the working hours have been edited

d.That the day is a non-working day

How is the timescale modified?

a.By double clicking the timescale icon in the Schedule group

b.By double clicking the timescale icon in the Properties group

c.By right clicking the timescale and choosing “Timescale”

d.By right clicking the project clock and choosing “Edit”

How many tiers of information are available in the timescale?






How can a column divider be resized?

a.Right click the column and choose “enlarge column”

b.Double click the column divider line

c.Choose “enlarge column” in the view menu

d.The column can’t be enlarged in MS Project

On the Task tab, which menu group contains the ‘Indent Task’ command?





How is a main task be visually differentiated from a subtask?

a.The subtask is bolded

b.The subtask is italicized

c.The main task is italicized

d.The main task is bolded

What is the purpose of the WBS code?

a.It allows you to identify a task to the project team or stakeholder

b.It is how MS Project determines the correct order for project tasks

c.It is used when computing the overall project code identifier

d.It acts as a placeholder for future tasks in the WBS

Once the WBS in finished, how can a project summary task be added?

a.All tasks must be highlighted, then summarized via right-click

b.It must be added from the Project Options Advanced menu

c.The first and last task of the project are combined via the Task menu

d.Project summary tasks can only be added before the WBS is constructed

Write a project charter this is for the creating a playground at a Kindergartenl



1- Is the management structure at your place of work more centralized? Would the service improve if it was decentralized? Why? Why not?

2- Why does a company like yours prefer centralized decision making? Is there a lack of trust of front line managers?

3- Why do people resist change?