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5 Running head: COMPREHENSIVE PLAN ON CARE 1 Comprehensive Plan of Care Jenny Larson Rasmussen College NU211/NUR2115 Fundamental of Professional nursing Michelle Ellenbecker September 10, 2019 COMPREHENSIVE PLAN ON CARE 2 Comprehensive Plan of Care

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2Adrenergic cells that act on sympathetic nervous system, release epinephrine and norepinephrine Sympathomimetics, agonists 1. Stimulators: increased HR, increased BP, blood vessel constriction (ex: albuterol) 2. Blockers: decrease HR, decreased BP, vasodCourse / School

NUR 2115 – Fundamentals of Professional NursingRasmussen College, OcalaJspriggs_Module02_101417.docx

11Glucose Regulation Deidre Bagley, Bry’Annia Williams What Exactly is Glucose? It is a type of sugar your body gets from the foods you consume, also know as your blood sugar. This sugar is converted into the main source of energy for the body. Glucose isCourse / School

NUR 2115 – Funadamentals in NursingRasmussen CollegeHealth Care Lab values Rasmussen.pdf

4Running head: TEAMWORK & COLLABORATION Teamwork & Collaboration Jacqueline Spriggs Rasmussen College Author Note This paper is being submitted on October 14, 2017, for Cama Kafkas NU211/NUR2115 Section 02 Fundamentals of Professional Nursing Class. 1 TEAMCourse / School

NURSING NUR2115 – Fundamentals of NursingRasmussen College, Bloomington

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2Running head: PAIN ASSESSMENT 1 Pain Assessment Brandon Mongelut Rasmussen College Author Note This paper is being submitted on September 3, 2017, for Lisa Johnsons Fundamentals of Professional Nursing course. PAIN ASSESSMENT 2 Pain Assessment I did my paCourse / School

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1Table 10-2 OVERVIEW OF THE NURSING PROCESS COMPONENT Diagnosing Outcome iden- tication and planning Implementing Evaluating DESCRIPTION Collection. validation. and communication of patient data Analysis of patient data to identify patient strengths and heCourse / School

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12- Father, Sister – well, Cancer – Brother (prostate), Diabetes Brother Fund 2115 Course Project, Revised 1/19 1 Rasmussen College, NUR2115- Fundamentals of Professional Nursing, Course Project MedicationCourse / School

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3Running Head: Journal #2 1 Journal #2 Keyla C College Authors Note: This paper is being submitted for Ellen Audets NU211/NUR2115 Fundamentals of Professional Nursing course Running Head: Journal #2 2 My daily routine at my job was to open up the office anCourse / School

NURSING NUR2115 – Fundamentals of NursingRasmussen College, Bloomington

1NU2115- Fundamentals of Professional Nursing, Test #1 Objectives Module 1- Wellness, Illness, Client-Centered Care and Evidence-Based Practice: Chapters 1, 2, 4, 17, 19, 21 1) Types of wellness, including spiritual, physical, emotional and sociocultural 2Course / School

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