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Post-maste, DNP Advanced Practice Psych Mental Health NP Must be a certified Primary Care Nurse Practitioner Summer -Year 1 CR Fall – Year 1 CR Spring – Year 1 NURG 700 – Theory and Philosophy of

Course / School: NURG 501 -Samford UniversityNutrition Assessment Study Guide.pdf

2UNIT III Module IX: Assessing Nutritional Status Study Guide Assessing Nutritional Status I. Behavioral Objectives A. Classroom/Lab II. Content Outline Upon completion of this unit of study, the student will be able to: 1. Discuss the various factors cont

1Brief Head to Toe Assessment Introduce yourself LOC – Confirm patient identity name, DOB, where you are, time, why youre here o No close ended questions, e.g. Can you tell me your name? Inform patient of what you are going to do PERRLA 3mm pupil size is n

NURG 501 - Health AssessmentSamford UniversityBrief Head to Toe Assessment
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8Patient Identification and Introduction: “Hi, I am Megan and I will be your nurse today. You can have a seat. Can you state your name and date of birth.” General Survey: (Must say each component and discuss the normal findings) “Can you tell me what is th

Course / School: NURG 501 - Health Assessment Samford University PA

8Assessment: Head-to-Toe Examination General Survey: Introduce yourself (Hi im jordan im a nursing student and im going to be doing your examination today). Whats your name? *gives name* How old are you? *states age* Where you are? *gives location* What ye

Course / School:NURG 501 - Health Assessment Samford University

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4For assessment purposes, the abdomen can be divided into quadrants or sections. These imaginary lines are drawn with your eyes to assist with accurate data collection and documentation. Abdominal Quadrants- Right upper quadrant (RUQ), Right lower qua

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2Preparticipating Cardiovascular Screening for Adolescent Athletes Conway, J. (2017). PREPARTICIPATION CARDIOVASCULAR SCREENING IN ADOLESCENT ATHLETES. Family Doctor: A Journal Of The New York State Academy Of Family Physicians, 5(3), 38-41. In the journal

Course / School: NURG 501 - Health AssessmentSamford Universityhead to toe assessment

3Hi welcome to the doctor. You may come take a seat. What is your name and date of birth? My name is _ and Ill be your nurse today. What is the year? And where are you? Why are you here? My patient appears to be her normal stated age which is _. She is ale

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5CRANIAL NERVES STUDY GUIDE CRANIAL NERVES *know the name, number, function and associated test of each cranial nerve I. Olfactory: sensory, sense of smell II. Have patient close one nostril and eyes, sniff for nasal patency and also identifying the smell

Course / School: NURG 501 - Health AssessmentS amford UniversityHealth Assessment Study Guide.docx

15Health Assessment: Final Exam Study Guide Chapter 1: Nurses Role in Assessment Types of Nursing Assessment: 1. Initial Comprehensive: collection of subjective data (all body systems, past health, family history, lifestyle and health practices) and objecti

Course / School: NURG 501 - Health Assessment Samford University

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