25.7 LAB: Output values below an amount in python



Write a program that first gets a list of integers from input. The last value of the input represents a threshold, Output all integers less than or equal to that threshold value. Do not include the threshold value in the output.
For simplicity, follow each number output by a comma, including the last one
If the input is
50 60 140 200 75 100
the output is:
50, 60, 75,
25.7 LAB: Output values below an amount
The solution includes python program and screenshot.
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Source Code
xx __xxxx__ == ‘__xxxx__’:
# xxxxxx xxx xxxx xx xxxxx x xxxx xx xxxxxxxx
xxxxxx = xxxxx()
xxxxxx = xxxxxx.xxxxx()
xxxxx = []
for element in chunks: number = int(element) # convert string to integer array.append(number) # add number to array # end for threshold = array[-1] # threshold is the last element in list output = ” for number in array[:-1]: # iterator all number in array except last element
xx xxxxxx <= xxxxxxxxx: # xxxxx xxxxxxx xxxxxx xxxx xxxx xx xxxxx xxxxxxxxx xxxxxx += x'{xxxxxx}, ' # xxx xx # xxx xxx xxxxx(xxxxxx) Price: $9 Buy Now Checkout Added to cart Add to Cart Checkout Added to cart


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