BUS 300 Quiz 9 ch.17 and 18

BUS 300 Week 2 Quiz 1

BUS 300 Week 4 Quiz 3

BUS 300 week 5 Quiz 4



BUS 300 Quiz 9 ch.17 and 18

BUS 300 Week 2 Quiz 1

BUS 300 Week 4 Quiz 3

BUS 300 week 5 Quiz 4


BUS 300 Quiz 9 ch.17 and 18

1.       Branding is about

2.       A practice among some news editors because of the proliferating raft of product placements in the media is to

3.       A major difference between public relations and marketing is that

4.       If you’ve received publicity in a magazine or newspaper, what can you produce to extend the impact from that coverage?

5.       It’s fair to say that advertising has in the past 40 years

6.       If public relations practitioners see themselves as key players in IMC, they must

7.       A major difference between public relations and advertising is

8.       Which of the following attitudes of marketing people have changed?

9.       Showing Beanie Babies and Cabbage Patch Dolls with a client’s new product for a photograph is an example of which principle of building a brand?

10.   When public relations and publicity, advertising, and marketing intersect, that’s referred to as

11.   A public relations practice that media scorn is

12.   Third-party endorsement is essentially

13.   Motivating prospective customers describes what ________ is effective at doing.

14.   The “law of primacy” is essential in

15.   A reason cause-related marketing is likely to continue to grow in this century is

16.   In the scenario of the wired-world scenario, practitioners should use the Internet to

17.   Public relations practitioners have found that Twitter can be

18.   Which of the following is the principal benefit from having a Web site?

19.   Which of the following are sites on the Internet where photos and videos can be shown?

20.   Because today’s consumers are more media-savvy, better-educated, and generally smarter, they expect the Internet to provide

21.   How much time visitors spend and how many pages they view on a Web site is a characteristic of

22.   Despite all the clamor about social media, public relations practitioners must seriously bear in mind, social media is only

23.   The theoretical concept of social networks stemmed from?

24.   Which of the following does pertain generally to texting?

25.   In the scenario of the world as a “global village,” practitioners should use the Internet to

26.   Indications that social networking screams for attention particularly from public relations practitioners include

27.   Among the giant survivors of the “great high-tech concepts” of the 1990s is

28.   Which of the following are among strategic questions to answer in order to create a winning Web site?

29.   The early description of what is now generally referred to as “social networking” sites include

30.   Which of the following web-based communications vehicles are appropriate for public relations practitioners to distribute content easily?


BUS 300 Week 2 Quiz 1

1.       Evidence of the prominence of public relations includes:

2.       Savvy individuals and institutions must recognize the importance

3.       In a 2004 study by the search firm Heyman Associates, which of the following was NOT a characteristic of successful PR leaders?

4.       Which of the following are among the five actions Professor Melvin Sharpe indicates can “harmonize” relations between individuals and organizations?

5.       To effectively communicate with a public, it is important to recognize that

6.       Twisting messages to create the impression of performance is

7.       If you target “experiencers,” you’re likely using ________ to segment a public.

8.       Which of the following distinguishes the R-O-S-I-E formula from other formulae that summarize the PR process?

9.       What happened to Don Imus indicates that

10.   Public relations consultants for politicians should point out the importance of the uncommitted public because

11.   In John Marston’s R-A-C-E process, the key step is

12.   The government affairs function of public relations

13.   According to Fraser Seitel, which of the following does NOT describe an aspect of the public relations function?

14.   Which is NOT a key technical skill a public relations professional should possess?

15.   A function related to public relations that includes creating sales literature, meeting displays and promotions is

16.   The attitude of business leaders that the “public be damned” ushered in the need for

17.   Known as the ________ they were a group of ________ who tackled the abuses of American industrialists, exposing deplorable and unsafe conditions.

18.   Perhaps one reason publicity and press agentry are too often considered synonymous stems from

19.   Which of the following are indications of the growth of global democracy, public opinion and capitalism?

20.   Some scholars consider ________ the forerunner to today’s White House press secretary because of the duties he performed for Andrew Jackson.

21.   Which major trend below is contributing to the evolution of the practice of public relations in the U.S.?

22.   Which of the following has made knowledge of and facility with the Internet a front-burner necessity for practitioners?

23.   The growth of public relations as an accepted business-like practice in the United States of America stems from

24.   American flirtations with public relations techniques began around the founding of the ________ when ________.

25.   During World War I and World War II, public relations techniques to help mobilize United States citizens to support war efforts were used by the

26.   A conspicuous, but often negative, public relations practice that took hold in the 1880s was

27.   Principles developed by Ivy Lee in working with the press on behalf of business included

28.   In the 21st century, recognition of the value of knowing what public relations is about comes from

29.   Archaeologists inform us that public relations has roots in

30.   A principal contribution  to the field of public relations made by Ivy Ledbetter Lee was


BUS 300 Week 4 Quiz 3

1.       Similar to other top-level managers, public relations managers need to

2.       According to a 2008 survey, which of the following is true today about the practice of public relations in the United States?

3.       For agencies, budgeting relies on which of the following?

4.       The section of a public relations plan that provides an overview is referred to as

5.       Professors James Grunig and Todd Hunt said public relations practitioners perform what organizational theorists call a(n) ________ role.

6.       The budget Arnold Communications had for an anti-smoking public education campaign was

7.       Public relations counseling opportunities are likely to grow in which of the following nonprofit areas?

8.       For the public relations function to be equal in stature to other management functions, which of the following is essential?

9.       For public relations to be the “conscience of the corporation,” practitioners must

10.   Advantages agencies often have over in-house public relations talent include

11.   Among various duties, which of the following would likely be done by public affairs people?

12.   Public relations professionals who support the primary business of the organization are in ________ positions.

13.   PERT and Gantt are tools that can help public relations practitioners use to

14.   The “boundary role” concept

15.   The overriding rule when it comes to agency budgeting is to

16.   An organization’s social responsibility image is often determined by

17.   A 2007 survey of teenagers conducted by Junior Achievement and Deloitte found

18.   What impacts the ethical state of electronic journalism?

19.   Which of the various ethical models in your text does PRSA endorse?

20.   Which ethical core value would practitioners demonstrate if they sought information even for a rude reporter?

21.   The essence of corporate social responsibility is

22.   The two-way communication model for ethics

23.   As the “conscience” of an organization, public relations practitioners

24.   The cardinal rule of public relations is

25.   Which of the following is at the heart of the ethical practice of public relations?

26.   Who said that “an organization is the lengthened shadow of a …” person?

27.   The enlightened self-interest model for ethical practice is based on the principle of

28.   Which of the following indicates the degree to which an organization is socially responsible?

29.   The “golden mean” of moral virtue advocates

30.   The “golden rule” prescribes


BUS 300 week 5 Quiz 4

1.       A complex legal issue in Internet law is cybersquatting, which

2.       A body of law that is particularly relevant to public relations writers centers around

3.       Assume an employee is fired for committing an illegal act.  The employer announces the cause for the firing in an accurately written e-mail. The court agrees the content of the e-mail is true; yet, it rules that the employee was libeled. The ruling challenges the long-standing belief that

4.       A passerby filmed for the movie “Borat” sued the producer Sacha Baron Cohen for defamation, but lost because

5.       The Sarbanes-Oxley Act, passed in 2002,

6.       What new issue apparently arose in the litigation of Sidell vs. Structured Settlement Investments?

7.       The SEC in 2000 adopted Regulation FD that

8.       Which principle established in the U.S. Constitution often leads to conflicts between lawyers and public relations practitioners?

9.       How does advice to clients from lawyers differ from advice given clients by public relations practitioners?

10.   Understanding and following the letter of copyright laws is critical to practitioners, especially in dealing with

11.   Litigation public relations is an outgrowth of all the media attention given to legal proceedings and requires intelligent use of acceptable, ethical public relations practices, including

12.   A major premise in American law is that

13.   To comply with the SEC’s overriding concern for investors, public relations practitioners

14.   The landmark case in 1964 of New York Times vs. Sullivan

15.   In the 21st century, with more and more cable and radio talk shows and hosts and guests saying what they want,

16.   A type of random sample that journalists use to elicit ideas and points of views from persons on the street is a

17.   In public relations research, the most frequently used type of convenience sample is a

18.   Which of the following is a type of unobtrusive method of data collection?

19.   Interviews are a type of

20.   Two essential properties of a random sample are that

21.   If public relations practitioners expect to receive support from management for a proposed program, they should expect to share which of the following?

22.   If you expect to have a well-organized focus group, avoid doing which of the following?

23.   Research is the natural starting point in public relations for all EXCEPT which of the following?

24.   In professional work, research should be applied

25.   Among the primary forms of public relations research, ________ tend to reveal differences in the ways management and target audiences view communications materials, media, messages, and methods.

26.   Suggestions for an effective questionnaire include

27.   Elements in a survey include

28.   The type of interview where opinion leaders are asked repeated waves of questions is a

29.   Compared to traditional research, Web research includes

30.   Of the types of random sampling used, ________ sampling is a procedure that surveys different segments of the targeted population.