CIS115 Week 1 Lab Registration Form and Pay Calculator



Summary – Part 1
Create a program that allows a student to complete a registration form and displays a completion message that includes the user’s full name and a temporary password.
Summary – Part 2
Create a program that calculates a user’s weekly gross and take-home pay.
• 2 source code Python files.
• A Word document containing both source code and the screen print of the program outputs.
Lab Steps
Part 1 – Registration Form
Sample Output:
Registration Form
First Name: Eric
Last Name: Idle
Birth Year: 1934
Welcome Eric Idle!
Your Registration is complete.
Your temporary password is: Eric*1934
• The user’s full name consists of the user’s first name, a space, and the user’s last name.
• The temporary password consists of the user’s first name, an asterisk (*), and the user’s birth year.
• Assume the user will enter valid data.
first_name password=first_name + “*” + str(birth_year) password
Part 2 – Pay Calculator
Sample Output:
Pay Check Calculator
Hours Worked: 35
Hourly Pay Rate: 14.50
Gross Pay: 507.5
Tax Rate: 18
Tax Amount: 91.35
Take Home Pay: 416.15
• The formula for calculating gross pay is:
o gross pay = hours worked * hourly rate
• The formula for calculating tax amount is:
o tax amount = gross pay * (tax rate / 100)
• The formula for calculating take home pay is:
o take home pay = gross pay – tax amount
• The tax rate should be 18%, but the program should store the tax rate in a variable so that you can easily change the tax rate later, just by changing the value that’s stored in the variable.
• The program should accept decimal entries like 35.5 and 14.25.
• Assume the user will enter valid data.
• The program should round the results to a maximum of two decimal places.
hours gross_pay = round(hours * pay_rate, 2) gross_pay
pay_rate tax_rate = 18 tax_rate
tax_amount = round(gross_pay * (tax_rate / 100), 2) tax_amount
take_home_pay = round(gross_pay – tax_amount, 2) take_home_pay
The solution includes a zip file.
Attachments [Move over files to preview content of those files] (161.78 KB)
if __name__ == ‘__main__’: print(‘Registration Form’) first_name = input(‘First Name: ‘) # ask user to enter first name last_name = input(‘Last Name: ‘) # ask user to enter last name birth_year = int(input(‘Birth Year: ‘)) # ask user to enter birth year # display user’s fullname
xxxxx(‘xxxxxxx %x %x!’ % (xxxxx_xxxx, xxxx_xxxx))
xxxxxxxx = xxxxx_xxxx + ‘*’ + xxx(xxxxx_xxxx)
# xxxxxxx xxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxx
xxxxx(‘xxxx xxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxx xx: %x’ % xxxxxxxx)
xx __xxxx__ == ‘__xxxx__’:
xxxxx(‘xxx xxxxx xxxxxxxxxx’)
xxxxx_xxxxxx = xxx(xxxxx(‘xxxxx xxxxxx: ‘))
xxxxxx_xxx_xxxx = xxxxx(xxxxx(‘xxxxxx xxx xxxx: ‘))
xxx_xxxx = xxxxx(xxxxx(‘xxx xxxx: ‘))
gross_pay = hours_worked * hourly_pay_rate tax_amount = round(gross_pay * tax_rate / 100, 2) take_home_pay = round(gross_pay – tax_amount, 2) print(‘Gross Pay: %s’ % gross_pay) print(‘Tax Amount: %s’ % tax_amount) print(‘Take Home Pay: %s’ % take_home_pay)
xxxxx(‘xxxx xxxx xxx: %x’ % xxxx_xxxx_xxx)
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