CISS 350 Programming Assignment 2 Computer Dating Service



Programming Assignment 2
Your assignment is to write a program for a computer dating service. Each client gives you his or her name, phone number, and a list of interests. It is your job to maintain lists of men and women using the service and to match up the compatible couples. You will find more details about the assignment, including the inputs, outputs, and deliverables in the course environment.
Data about current clients should be on file “”. For each current client, the file contains the following information:
Sex 1 character, ‘M’ or ‘F’
Name up to 20 characters, followed by comma
Phone Number 8 characters
Number of Interests an integer
List of Interests 10 characters each separated by commas w/ a period after the final interest. Match up to 20 characters, followed by end-of-line.
Command Processing
NEWCLIENT, “(sex)(name)(number of interests)(interests) Add the client to the appropriate list by storing the appropriate information. Attempt to match this new client with a member of the opposite sex. A match occurs when the clients have three or more of the same interests. (You only have to find the first match for each new client.) Make sure you then designate both persons as matched, as described in the section on data structures above. Print the name of the new client, the name of his or her match, and both phone numbers. If no match is found, print an appropriate message.”
Unmatch this name with his or her current match by removing
from the matched person.
PRINTMATCH, Print a list of all matched pairs.
PRINTFREE, Print the names and phone numbers of clients who are not currently matched.
QUIT, Stop processing
Echo print all screen input and output on file “Dates.out.”
Data Structures
The problem requires you to maintain two lists of clients, one for men and one for women. When a new client is added to the list, he or she is added to the end of the appropriate list.
Each list element must include all the information for one client: name, phone number, number of interests (maximum number is 10), interests, and the name of this client’s current match (empty string if not matched). You must use one of the list classes developed in Chapter 3.
Your design.
A listing of your program.
A listing of your test plan as input to the program.
A listing of the output file.
The solution includes a Visual Studio (c++) project
Attachments [Move over files to preview content of those files] (4.31 MB)
Visual Studio C++ Project
Preview ComputerDatingService.cpp
#xxxxxx xxxxxxxxx “xxxxxxx.xx”
#xxxxxx xxxxxxxxxx “”
xxxxx xxxxxxxxx xxx;
xxxxxxx xxxxxx {
char sex; string name; string phoneNum; int numberOfInterests; string interests[10]; string match; } ClientInfo;
ClientInfo clients[100]; int numberOfClients; ofstream fout(OutputFile);
xxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxx(xxxxxx xxxx) {
xxx (xxx x = 0; x < xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx; x++) xx (xxxxxxx[x].xxxx == xxxx) xxxxxx xxxxxxx[x].xxxxx; xxxxxx ""; } Preview ReadMe.txt ======================================================================== xxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxx : xxxx350xxxxxxxxxx2 xxxxxxx xxxxxxxx ======================================================================== xxxxxxxxx xxx xxxxxxx xxxx xxxx350xxxxxxxxxx2 xxxxxxxxxxx xxx xxx. This file contains a summary of what you will find in each of the files that make up your CISS350Assignment2 application. CISS350Assignment2.vcxproj This is the main project file for VC++ projects generated using an Application Wizard. It contains information about the version of Visual C++ that generated the file, and xxxxxxxxxxx xxxxx xxx xxxxxxxxx, xxxxxxxxxxxxxx, xxx xxxxxxx xxxxxxxx xxxxxxxx xxxx xxx xxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxx. xxxx350xxxxxxxxxx2.xxxxxxx.xxxxxxx xxxx xx xxx xxxxxxx xxxx xxx xx++ xxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxx xxxxx xx xxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxx. xx xxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxx xxxxx xxx xxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxx xxx xxxxx xx xxxx xxxxxxx Preview stdafx.h // xxxxxx.x : xxxxxxx xxxx xxx xxxxxxxx xxxxxx xxxxxxx xxxxx, // xx xxxxxxx xxxxxxxx xxxxxxx xxxxx xxxx xxx xxxx xxxxxxxxxx, xxx // xxx xxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxx // #pragma once #include "targetver.h" #include #include // xxxx: xxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxx xxxx xxxxxxx xxxxxxxx xxxx Preview targetver.h #pragma once // Including SDKDDKVer.h defines the highest available Windows platform. // If you wish to build your application for a previous Windows platform, include WinSDKVer.h and // set the _WIN32_WINNT macro to the platform you wish to support before including SDKDDKVer.h. // xxx xxx _xxx32_xxxxx xxxxx xx xxx xxxxxxxx xxx xxxx xx xxxxxxx xxxxxx xxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxx.x. #xxxxxxx Price: $15 Buy Now Checkout Added to cart Buy More Save More Buy at least TWO items & save up to 30% OFF your ENTIRE order! Rack up instant rebates in your shopping cart. Simply add items to your cart, and see the savings add up. Discounts will automatically be applied on eligible orders. CISS 350 Programming Assignment 2 Computer Dating Service – $15.00 CISS 350 Programming Assignment 3 Local Medical Clinic – $15.00 CISS 350 Programming Assignment 4 Circular Linked List – $15.00 CISS 350 Programming Assignment 5 Towers of Hanoi – $15.00 CISS 350 Programming Assignment 6 Police Department – $19.00 CISS 350 Programming Assignment 7 Compare Two Implementations of a Priority Queue – $19.00 Add to Cart Checkout Added to cart FLASH SALE $89 $113 Save $24 CISS350 Entire Course Get Entire Course You May Also Like: CISS 350 Entire Course CISS 350 Programming Assignment 1 Checkout System CISS 350 Programming Assignment 3 Local Medical Clinic CISS 350 Programming Assignment 4 Circular Linked List CISS 350 Programming Assignment 5 Towers of Hanoi CISS 350 Programming Assignment 6 Police Department CISS 350 Programming Assignment 7 Compare Two Implementations of a Priority Queue


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