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In the following statement which term is used to designate the distance (in pixels) from the left side of the picture box to the left side of the rectangle?
picBox.CreateGraphics.DrawRectangle(Pens.Blue, x, y, w, h)
What numbers will be displayed in the list box when the button is clicked?
Private Sub btnDisplay_Click(…) Handles btnDisplay.Click Dim num as Double = 10 Do While num > 1 lstBox.Items.Add(num) num = num – 3 Loop End Sub
10, 7, and 4
10, 7, 4, and 1
10, 7, 4, 1, and -2
No output
What is the value of (“12/15/09”).Substring(3,2)?
What colleges are displayed in the list box by the following program segment?
Dim ivies() As String = {“Harvard”, “Princeton”, “Yale”, “Dartmouth”, “Brown”, “Columbia”, “Univ. of PA”, “Cornell”} Dim query = From college in ivies Where college.Length <= 9 Order By college.Length Descending, college Descending Select college lstBox.Items.Add(query.Last) lstBox.Items.Add(query.Min) Dartmouth and Princeton Yale and Brown Yale and Cornell Dartmouth and Yale QUESTION 5 How many lines of output are produced by the following program segment? For i As Integer = 1 To 3 For j As Integer = 1 To 3 For k As Integer = i to j lstBox.Items.Add("Programming is fun.") Next Next Next 8 9 10 11 QUESTION 6 Which of the properties in a control’s list of properties is used to give the control a meaningful name? Text ContextMenu ControlName Name QUESTION 7 What is the correct syntax for displaying the value of the String variable myString in a text box? txtBox.Text = “myString” txtBox.Text = myString txtBox.Text.myString txtBox.Text = Str(myString) QUESTION 8 What will be displayed when the following lines are executed? Dim x As Double = 3, y As Double = 1 >Dim z As Double z = x + (y * x) x = y z = x + z lstBox.Items.Add(x + y + z)
None of the above
Which statement will display the words “Hello World” in a text box?
txtBox.Text = Hello & World
txtBox.Text = “Hello ” & World
txtBox.Text = Hello & ” World”
txtBox.Text = “Hello” & ” World”
The ______________ of a Sub procedure are vehicles for passing numbers and strings to the Sub procedure.
calling statements
variables declared inside
In Visual Basic, tooltips assist by showing a small caption about the purpose of each icon on the Toolbar. How do you make a tooltip appear?
Right click the Toolbar icon and select purpose from the available options.
Position the mouse pointer over the icon for a few seconds.
Hold down a shift key, then click the appropriate Toolbar icon to display its purpose.
Hold down the Alt key, then click the appropriate Toolbar icon to display its purpose.
The default event procedure for a list box is _______
The Count method returns what information about an array?
The highest number that can be used as a subscript for the array.
The largest value that can be assigned to an array element.
The number of elements in the array.
The highest dimension of the array.
A form contains a horizontal scroll bar control named hsbXpos, and the code lblFace.Left = hsbXpos.Value is placed inside the hsbXpos.Scroll event procedure (where lblFace identifies a label on the form, and the hsbXpos’s Minimum and Maximum properties are set at their default values). What will happen when the hsbXpos.Scroll event is triggered by moving the scroll bar’s scroll box to the right?
lblFace will move to the left
lblFace will move up
lblFace will move down
lblFace will move to the right
When the odd numbers are added successively, any finite sum will be a perfect square (e.g., 1 + 3 + 5 = 9 and 9 = 3^2). What change must be made in the following program to correctly demonstrate this fact for the first few odd numbers?
Private Sub btnDisplay_Click(…) Handles btnDisplay.Click Dim oddNumber As Integer Dim sum As Integer = 0 For i As Integer = 1 To 9 Step 2 ‘Generate first few odd numbers oddNumber = i For j As Integer = 1 To oddNumber Step 2 ‘Add odd numbers sum += j Next lstBox.Items.Add(sum & ” is a perfect square.”) Next End Sub
Change the Step size to 1 in the first For statement.
Move oddNumber = i inside the second For loop.
Reset sum to zero immediately before the second Next statement.
Reset sum to zero immediately before the first Next statement.
After a ToolTip control has been placed into the component tray of the Form Designer, the message that appears when the mouse hovers over a text box is set with which of the following properties?
ToolTip on ToolTip1
Which of the following is a valid statement in Visual Basic?
Form1.Text = “Revenue”
Form1.Caption = “Revenue”
btnButton.Text = Push Me
Me.Text = “Revenue”
Which statement is true?
“Ford“ < “Ford“ “Chevy” > “Chevy”
“GMC” <= “GMC” “oldsmobile” < “Oldsmobile” QUESTION 19 What will be the output of the following lines? Dim alphabet, soup As String alphabet = "abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz" soup = alphabet.ToUpper txtBox.Text = alphabet.Substring(0, 5) & soup.Substring(0, 5) abcdeABCDE ABCDEABCDE eE EE QUESTION 20 What control causes a binding navigator toolbar to appear anchored to the top of the form? BindingNavigator NavigatorToolbar Navigator BindingToolbar QUESTION 21 In analyzing the solution to a program, you conclude that you want to construct a loop so that the loop terminates either when (a < 12) or when (b = 16). Using a Do loop, the test condition should be Do While (a > 12) Or (b <> 16)
Do While (a >= 12) Or (b <> 16)
Do While (a < 12) Or (b <> 16)
Do While (a >= 12) And (b <> 16)
Do While (a < 12) And (b = 16) QUESTION 22 Assuming the following statement, what is the For…Next loop’s counter variable? For yr As Integer = 1 To 5 1 5 To yr QUESTION 23 Which of the following logical structures should not be used in structured programming? Sequence Selection Looping (iteration) Unconditional branching QUESTION 24 A list box named lstBox has its Sorted property set to False and contains the three items Cat, Dog, and Gnu in its list. If the word Elephant is added to the list at run time, what will be its index value? 2 1 3 0 QUESTION 25 Which of the following is not a main type of event that can be raised by user selections of items in a list box? Click event SelectedIndexChanged event FillDown event DoubleClick event QUESTION 26 What elements are in the array newArray after the following code is executed? Dim firstArray() As Integer = {1, 2, 3} Dim secondArray() As Integer = {3, 4, 5, 6} Dim newArray() As Integer = firstArray.Union(secondArray).ToArray 1, 2, 3, 3, 4, 5, 6 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 3 1, 2 QUESTION 27 Which of the following statements is used when you want to add data to the end of an existing text file? Dim sr As IO.StreamReader = IO.File.OpenText(“Data.txt”) Dim sr As IO.StreamReader = IO.File.AddText(“Data.txt”) Dim sw As IO.StreamWriter = IO.File.CreateText(“Data.txt”) Dim sw As IO.StreamReader = IO.File.AppendText(“Data.txt”) QUESTION 28 For a scroll bar, the value of the Value property is any number a number between the values of the SmallChange and LargeChange properties a number between the values of the Minimum and Maximum properties true or false QUESTION 29 What is one drawback in using non-integer Step sizes? Round-off errors may cause unpredictable results. Decimal Step sizes are invalid in Visual Basic. A decimal Step size is never needed. Decimal Step sizes usually produce infinite loops. QUESTION 30 The code in a Try block refers to a file and the first catch block is written as follows: Catch exc As IO.IOException The second catch block is written with the following clause: Catch What type of exception will this second Catch block handle? any exception that hasn’t already been handled an exception generated by deleting or renaming an open file this block isn’t designed to catch any exceptions this block will catch all cases where the file specified by fileName does exist QUESTION 31 The Description pane, located below the Properties windows, shows a brief explanation of the highlighted property. True False QUESTION 32 A class-level variable declared in one form can be accessed by other forms if it is declared with the keyword Public. True False QUESTION 33 The following lines of code are correct. If age >= 13 And < 20 Then txtOutput.Text = "You are a teenager." End If True False QUESTION 34 Debugging an unstructured program often requires the programmer to look at the entire program in order to make even a simple modification. True False QUESTION 35 Get property procedures are used to retrieve values of member variables. True False QUESTION 36 Keywords are also referred to as reserved words. True False QUESTION 37 Like other variables, array variables can be declared and assigned initial values at the same time. True False QUESTION 38 The value of cboBox.Text is the currently highlighted item. True False QUESTION 39 The number of items in cboBox is cboBox.Items.Count. True False QUESTION 40 When starting a new program, it is best to start writing code as soon as possible to avoid wasting time thinking about it. True False QUESTION 41 The Substring method is used to extract a portion of a string. True False QUESTION 42 One may use a Select Case block within another Select Case block. True False QUESTION 43 Inheritance does not enhance code reusability. True False QUESTION 44 End tags always begin with a less than symbol followed by a forward slash. True False QUESTION 45 In a Simple combo box, the list is always visible. True False QUESTION 46 If the initial value is greater than the terminating value in a For…Next loop, the statements within are still executed one time. True False QUESTION 47 When an If block has completed execution, the program instruction immediately following the If block is executed. True False QUESTION 48 No more than one ElseIf statement may occur in any one If block. True False QUESTION 49 Clicking on a checked check box unchecks the check box. True False QUESTION 50 Two instances of the same class may exist in a single program. True False SCREENSHOTS SOLUTION PAYMENT The solution includes a single word file. 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