CYBR 260 Week 1 Programming Assignment Name and Three Numbers



Write a Python program requesting a name and three numbers from the user. The program will need to calculate the following:
the sum of the three numbers
the result of multiplying the three numbers
divide the first by the second then multiply by the third
Print a message greeting the user by name and the results of each of the mathematical operations.
You must provide a comment block at the top indicating your name, the course, the section, and the date as well as a description of the program. Also, comment as necessary to clearly explain what it is you are doing where you are doing it in the program.
Provide your .py file and a screen capture or just plain text output demonstrating the successful running of the program.
CYBR 260 Week 1 Assignment 1
The solution includes Python code, report and screenshots.
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xxxxxx: xxxx 260
xxxxxxx: xxxx 1
Program: Input: Your name and three number Output: Greeting by name Sum of three numbers Result of multiplying three numbers Devide the first by the second then multiply by the third
xx __xxxx__ == ‘__xxxx__’:
# xxx xxxx xx xxxxx xxxx
xxxx = xxxxx(‘xxxxx xxxx xxxx: ‘)
# xxx xxxx xx xxxxx xxxxx xxxxxx
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