CYBR 260 Week 2 Programming Assignment Average Grades



This week, you will write another program. This time, you will do the same thing twice.
First, take a set of 6 grades from a user and average them. Provide the average to the user. You need to check to make sure the grades are within the normal range. If the grade is less than 0 or more than 100, issue a warning to the user. You don’t need to take the grade again, just let the user know.
Second, ask the user how many grades they have. Ask for all the grades and again provide an average. Make sure to check that the grades are within the normal range as above and issue a warning to the user.
For any function you use, use the following comment block as before the function to document it.
# function: name
# purpose:
# inputs:
# returns:
Fill in the sections as necessary for what you are doing. Document your code as in your previous programming assignment, including the attribution block indicating your name, class, etc. Include text or screen captures indicating your program works.
CYBR 260 Week 2 Assignment 2
The solution includes Python code, report and screenshots.
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xxxxxxx xx xxx xxxxxx
xxxxxxx xxxxxxx xx xxxxxx x xxxxx xxx xx xxxxx
def average(grades): “”” function: average purpose: calculate average of the list of grades inputs: list of grades returns: average value “”” sum = 0 num = len(grades) # get number of grades for grade in grades: sum += grade # end for
xx xxx == 0:
xxxxxx 0
xxxxxx xxx * 1.0 / xxx
xxx xxxxxxx(xxxxxx):
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