CYBR 260 Week 3 Programming Assignment Master Boot Record



Take the master boot record from this week’s module and use it as a file input for your program. It will be named block.dd and you can assume that it’s in your current directory so you don’t have to provide a path to it. Make sure that you copy it into the directory where your Python file is located or your program will fail.
Use the information in the Wikipedia entry for Master Boot Record (Links to an external site.) to write a program that will parse a portion of the partition table. The first partition entry is located at the address 1BE (hex). Print out the status byte (1 byte located at the starting address), the partition type (1 byte located at the address 1BE + 4) and the address of the first sector in the partition (1BE + 8).
All the same rules about the attribution of name, course, etc at the top of your program, documenting your code and including a documentation block before all of your functions.
Submit your program and text or screen capture indicating that it worked.
CYBR 260 Week 3 Assignment 3
The solution includes Python code, report and screenshots.
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xxx xxxxxxxxx xxxx (1 xxxx xxxxxxx xx xxx xxxxxxx 1xx + 4) xxx
xxx xxxxxxx xx xxx xxxxx xxxxxx xx xxx xxxxxxxxx (1xx + 8)
xxxxxx xxxxxx
def get_sector(data): “”” function: get_sector purpose: get the address of the first sector in the partition inputs: data returns: sector “”” # the third value for the first sector is four bytes in value according to the table on the wiki page, # so we need to use unpack to unpack as an integer and give the range of values we want to unpack sector = struct.unpack(“xx __xxxx__ == ‘__xxxx__’:
# xxxx xxxxx.xx xx xxxx xxxxxx
x = xxxx(“xxxxx.xx”, “xx”)
# xxxx xxx xxxx
xxxx = x.xxxx()
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