CYBR 260 Week 4 Programming Assignment Master Boot Record Part 2



This week, you are going to build on the program from last week. Use the same file from last week. You will be extracting the first partition entry from the master boot record that is contained in the file. The first partition entry starts at offset 0x1BE and ends at 0x1CD. Pull that chunk of bytes out of the file provided and send it to the server software that you will write. The server will listen for the chunk of data and print out the status of the drive, the partition type and the starting address of the partition as an integer.
You can refer to Wikipedia (Links to an external site.) for additional details about offsets within the master boot record and partition table for the pieces of information you are looking for.
As with previous weeks, include an attribution block at the top of the programs you are writing. Document what you are doing in comments, use variable names that help with your documentation and provide a comment preamble before any function that you write.
CYBR 260 Week 4 Client Server
CYBR 260 Assignment 4 Client Server
The solution includes Python code, report and screenshots.
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xxxxxx: xxxx 260
xxxxxxx: xxxx 4
Program: Master Boot Record CLIENT Read data from file block.dd Get the first partition entry starts at offset 0x1BE and ends at 0x1CD Send the data to socket server Look at socket server to see the result “””
xxxxxx xxxxxx
xxxxxx xxxxxx
xxxx = ‘’ # xxx xxxxxx’x xxxxxxxx xx xx xxxxxxx
xxxx = 8080 # xxx xxxx xxxx xx xxx xxxxxx
#!/xxx/xxx/xxx xxxxxx3
xxxxxx xxxxxx
xxxxxx xxxxxx
HOST = ‘’ # Standard loopback interface address (localhost) PORT = 8080 # Port to listen on (non-privileged ports are > 1023)
s = socket.socket(socket.AF_INET, socket.SOCK_STREAM) # Create a socket object host = socket.gethostname() # Get local machine name s.bind((HOST, PORT)) # Bind to the port s.listen(5) # Now wait for client connection.
def get_sector(data): “”” function: get_sector purpose: get the address of the first sector in the partition
xxxxxx: xxxx
xxxxxxx: xxxxxx
# xxx xxxxx xxxxx xxx xxx xxxxx xxxxxx xx xxxx xxxxx xx xxxxx xxxxxxxxx xx xxx xxxxx xx xxx xxxx xxxx,
# xx xx xxxx xx xxx xxxxxx xx xxxxxx xx xx xxxxxxx xxx xxxx xxx xxxxx xx xxxxxx xx xxxx xx xxxxxx
xxxxxx = xxxxxx.xxxxxx(”
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