CYBR 260 Week 5 Programming Assignment Registry



Write a program that takes a value from a user and stores it in the registry. You can use any key name that you like but also store the current time as another value inside of your new key. Finally, get a directory listing of your current working directory and store that value. You may need to use REG_MULTI_SZ for that value.
Include your attribution block at the top of the program. Make sure you are documenting your program and including preamble comments before any functions that you create. Use self-documenting variable names.
Submit the Python script and a screen capture indicating that the registry entry was created.
CYBR 260 Week 5 Assignment 5
The solution includes Python code, report and screenshots.
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test folder 1
test folder 2
test folder 3
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xxxxx xxxx xx xxxxxxxxxxx xx xxxxxxx xxxxxxxxx
xxxxxx xx
import winreg from datetime import datetime
keyName = ‘my_key’ # Ask user to enter value they want to store value = input(‘Enter the value you want to store: ‘)
# Create the key under software registry_key = winreg.CreateKey(winreg.HKEY_CURRENT_USER, “Software\” + keyName)
# store value using registry winreg.SetValue(registry_key, “my_value”, winreg.REG_SZ, value)
#xxx xxxxxxx xxxx
#xxxxxxxx xxxxxxx xxxx xx xxxxxx xx xxxx xx xxx xx xxxxxx xx xxx xxx
xxxxxxx_xxxx = xxx(xxxxxxx_xxxx.xxxx())
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