Implement Square and Sum of the Numbers in Python



Write a program that will accept a list of numbers from the user. Write and test two functions to meet the following specifications:
squareEach(nums), nums is a list of numbers, returns a list of the square of each number in the list
sumList(nums), nums is a list of numbers, returns the sum of the numbers in the list
Print the original list, the list of squared values and the sum of the list.
This assignment includes python program and screenshot.
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xxx xxxxxxxxxx(xxxx):
:xxxxx: xxxx – xx x xxxx xx xxxxxxx
:xxxxxxx: x xxxx xx xxx xxxxxx xx xxxx xxxxxx xx xxx xxxx
return [num * num for num in nums]

def sumList(nums):
:input: nums – is a list of numbers
:returns: the sum of the numbers in the list
xxx = 0
xxx xxx xx xxxx:
xxx += xxx
xxxxxx xxx
xx __xxxx__ == ‘__xxxx__’:
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