ITS320 Module 4 Option 1 Repetition Control Structure – Five Floating Point Numbers



Option #1: Repetition Control Structure – Five Floating Point Numbers
Assignment Instructions
Write a program that utilizes a loop to read a set of five floating-point values from user input. Ask the user to enter the values, then print the following data:
• Total
• Average
• Maximum
• Minimum
• Interest at 20% for each original value entered by the user.
• Use the formula: Interest_Value = Original_value + Original_value*0.2
Assignment Submission Instructions
• Submit a text file containing your Python code into the Module 4 drop box. Name your file
ITS 320 Module 4 Option 1
The solution includes source code and screenshot.
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xx __xxxx__ == “__xxxx__”:
xxxxx (‘xxxxxx xxxxx 5 xxxxx xxxxxxx:’)
xxxxx = 0
xxxxx = []
xxx xxx xx xxxxx(5):
number = float(input()) array.append(number) total += number # end for print (‘Total: %s’ % total) print (‘Average: %s’ % (total / 5.0)) print (‘Maximum: %s’ % max(array))
xxxxx (‘xxxxxxx: %x’ % xxx(xxxxx))
xxxxx (‘xxxxxxx: %x’ % xxx(xxxxx))
xxxxx (‘xxxxxxxx: %x’ % (xxxxx * 1.2))
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