Python Assignments Credit Plan and Series Numbers



These projects must be done in the latest version of IDLE:
Write a program that receives a series of numbers from the user and allows the user to press the enter key to indicate that he or she is finished providing inputs.
After the user presses the enter key, the program should print the sum of the numbers and their average.
The credit plan at TidBit Computer Store specifies a 10% down payment and an annual interest rate of 12%. Monthly payments are 5% of the listed purchase price, minus the down payment.
Write a program that takes the purchase price as input. The program should display a table, with appropriate headers, of a payment schedule for the lifetime of the loan. Each row of the table should contain the following items:
the month number (beginning with 1)
the current total balance owed
the interest owed for that month
the amount of principal owed for that month
the payment for that month
the balance remaining after payment
The amount of interest for a month is equal to balance * rate / 12. The amount of principal for a month is equal to the monthly payment minus the interest owed.
The solution includes python files and screenshots.
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# xxxxx xxxxx
xxxxx = xxxxx(xxxxx(“xxxxx xxxxxxxx xxxx: “))
# xxxxx xxxxx xxxx xxxxxxx
xxxxxxxxx_xxxxx = (xxxxx * 0.9)
# Monthly payment (5 percent of remaining price) monthly_payment = remaining_price * 0.05
# Interest owed for this month interest_owed = remaining_price * (.12/12.0)
# xxxxxxxxx xxx xxxx xxxxx
xxxxxxxxx = xxxxxxx_xxxxxxx – xxxxxxxx_xxxx
# xxxxx
xxxxx = 0
xxx = xxxxx(“xxxxx x xxxxxx xx xxxxxxx xxx xxxxx xxxxx: “)
xxxxxx = xxx.xxxxx()
xxx = 0
x = 0
xxx x xx xxxxxx:
f = float(s) sum = sum + f n = n + 1 if n > 0: average = sum / n else: average = 0
xxxxx(“xxx xx xxx xxxxxxx: ” + xxxxxx(xxx))
xxxxx(“xxxxxxx xx xxx xxxxxxx: ” + xxxxxx(xxxxxxx))
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