WEBD 125 Week 1 Assignment Marking up Your Site and FTP’ing to Coton



The first step in building your site is to build the structural HTML, the foundation of your site. For now you’re just marking up the site; you will add styles and other features later in the course. Be sure to refer to the lectures this week for resources to use when completing this assignment.
Note: Each week you will build upon your site. You will need to incorporate feedback that you receive this week from your instructor in the new file that you create for next week’s assignment. Each week’s assignment will include this in the instructions.
Find a location on your computer where you want to store your local files. It could be the Desktop, Documents, anywhere on your computer you’d like.
Create a folder called ‘WEBD125’. This will be your local root directory for your files.
Inside your local ‘WEBD125’ folder, create the following directories (folders): ‘html’, ‘css’, and ‘images’.
Open your HTML editor (your IDE, such as Sublime Text) and create a file called ‘index.html‘ in your ‘html’ folder in your local root.
In your index.html file, mark up the website with all required elements including:
An HTML doctype.
An HTML root element, followed by a head element, with a meta tag declaring a charset of ‘utf-8’, and a title tag nested inside the head element.
Copy the snippet below (everything up to and including the closing body tag), and paste it into your HTML file as your body element.
In the first

after the opening tag, enter your name to replace “Your Name”.
Add to your title tag: ‘Firstname Lastname’ – using your own name.
Be sure the code is neatly indented and well-formed.
Enter at least two comments in your HTML code.
7. Save all your files and FTP everything to your Coton root folder:
Open your FTP and log in to your remote server.
Drag the ‘html’, ‘css’, and ‘images’ folders from your local root to your remote root:
WEBD125 Week 1
WEBD125 Week 1 FTP
The solution includes a zip file.
Attachments [Move over files to preview content of those files] (35.99 KB)
Preview index.html
&xx;!xxxxxxx xxxx&xx;
&xx;xxxx xxxxxxx=&xxxx;xxx-8&xxxx;&xx;
&xx;!– xxx xx xxxx xxxxx xxx &xxxx;xxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxx&xxxx; –&xx;
Firstname Lastname

Your Name

    &xx;x xxxx=&xxxx;&xxxx;&xx;xxxx 1&xx;/x&xx;
    &xx;x xxxx=&xxxx;&xxxx;&xx;xxxx 2&xx;/x&xx;
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