PRG 211 Week 5 Individual Assignment File Processing



The following assignment incorporates the concepts from prior weeks (variables, if-else logic, loops, and arrays), along with this week’s topic of file input/output process.
Create a Visual Logic® program that will:
Create an array of people’s first names. Using a loop, read the names from a text (txt) file, and store each one into the array. The array should allow for a maximum of 100 entries. Continue to read in first names and store them into the array. The last entry in the text file, containing “LastOne,” will indicate the end of the list of names.
Prompt the user for a first name.
Loop through the array to determine if the first name entered exists in the array. If a match is found, display a message that includes the name and a message indicating that there was a match found. If no match is found, display a message so indicating.
Using a loop, continue to prompt the user for first names and determine if a match in the array is found. The loop should continue until the user indicates “stop” as the first name.
This program requires the use of nested loops. The outer loop will repeat, prompting the user for a first name until the user indicates to stop. The inner loop will search through the array for a match.
Review the Sample Program #3 on pages 83-87 in A Guide to Working with Visual Logic® for an example of using files.
Have the txt files, your Visual Logic® program, the Visual Logic® exe file, and the VLSig file in the same folder.
Put quotes around each name in the text (txt) file.
Submit the following in a zip file, using the Assignment Files tab:
Text (txt) file with names
Visual Logic® (vls) file
The solution includes a ZIP file.
Attachments [Move over files to preview content of those files] (17.29 KB)
Preview input.txt
“Natisha” “Alda” “Leonel” “Loraine” “Honey” “Mirella” “Wanda” “Collette” “Thelma” “Josephina” “Victor” “Tamika”
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