PRG 211 Week 3 Individual Assignment Choice and Iteration



Select two tasks a program could perform that would be useful to a small business.
Each task must include the following:
A conditional step
Some form of iteration
Example tasks include the following:
Entering a number of items and calculating sales tax on a sale; include a step offering a warranty for each item
Converting from Fahrenheit to Celsius or the reverse over temperatures for several days
Figuring out a total bulk sale price based on price per unit and number of units
These items may build on the tasks used in your Week Two assignment or may be unique.
Create a 1/2-page Memo using the Memo Template for each of the tasks. Each document should include:
A brief description of the task
The pseudocode associated with the task. Base the pseudocode on the examples provided in Chs. 4, 5, and 6 of Prelude to Programming.
Create Visual Logic® files to execute each of the tasks.
Save all files in a single folder structure you zip into a single file to submit.
Submit the zip file containing all files using the Assignments Files tab.
The solution includes a ZIP file.
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Wk 3 Prog 1.doc
Wk 3 Prog 2.doc
Preview Wk 3 Prog 1.doc
xx:xxxx xxxxxxxxxxx:xxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxx:xxx211xxxx:06/27/2016xx:xxxx 3 xxxxxxx 1 � xxxxxxxx xxxx xxxxxxxx
xxxxx xx xxxxx xxxxxxxxxx xxx x xxxxxxx xxxx xxxx xxxxxxxxx xxx xxxxx xxxxx, xxxx xxxxx xxx, xxx xxxxxxxx xxxxx. xxx xxxx xxx xxx xxxxxx xx xxxxx xxx xxx xxxx xxx xxxxx xxxxxxxx xxxx xxxxx xxxx xxxx xxxxx xxxxx. xxxx xxx xxxx xxx xxxxxxx xxx xxxx xxxx, xxxx xxx xxx xxx xxxxx xxxxxx xx xxxxxxxx x xxxx xxxxx.
xxxxx xxxx xxxxxx
xxxxxxx xxx xx xxxxxxx
Declare Number As Integer
Set Sum = 0
Write �Enter Price of Item being purchased; enter 0 when done: �
Input Number
While Number > 0
Set Sum = Sum + Number
Write �Enter Price of Item being Purchased; enter 0 when done: �
xxxxx xxxxxx
xxx xxxxx
xxxxx �xxxxx xxx xxxx: �
xxxxx xxxxxxx
xxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxx
xxx xxxxxxxx = xxx
Preview Wk 3 Prog 2.doc
xxxxx �xxxx xx xxx xxxxx xxx xxxx?�
xxxxx xxxxxxx
xxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxx
xxx xxxxxxxx = xxxxxxxxx * xxx
xxxxxxx xxxxxxxx xx xxxxxxx
Declare Shipping as Integer
If Subtotal >= 200 Then
Set Shipping = 0
End If
If (Subtotal >= 100) or (Subtotal <= 199) Then Set Shipping = 10 End If If Subtotal <= 99 Then Set Shipping = 20 End If Set TotalPrice = Subtotal + Tax + Shipping Output Results Module xxxxx �xxxx xxxxxxxxxxx: � + xxxxxxxx xxxxx �xxxxx xxx xxxx: � + xxxxxxxxx xxxxx �xxxxxxxx xx xxxxx xxxxxxxxx: � + xxx xxxxx �xxxxxxxx: � + xxxxxxxx xxxxx �xxxxx xxx: � + xxx xxxxx �xxxxxxxx xxxx: � + xxxxxxxx Price: $15 Buy Now Checkout Added to cart Buy More Save More Buy at least TWO items & save up to 30% OFF your ENTIRE order! Rack up instant rebates in your shopping cart. Simply add items to your cart, and see the savings add up. Discounts will automatically be applied on eligible orders. PRG 211 Week 3 Individual Assignment Choice and Iteration – $15.00 PRG 211 Week 4 Individual Assignment Array Manipulation – $15.00 PRG 211 Week 5 Individual Assignment File Processing – $15.00 Add to Cart Checkout Added to cart You May Also Like: PRG 211 Week 1 Individual Assignment Hello World PRG 211 Week 2 Individual Assignment Calculations PRG 211 Week 4 Individual Assignment Array Manipulation PRG 211 Week 5 Individual Assignment File Processing


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