Visual Logic and Design 8th Edition Chapter 5 Debug Program



Following the comments, each file contains a psuedocode that has one or more bugs you must find and correct.
These solutions need to be built in Visual Logic.
Debug 05-01:
// This program is supposed to display every fifth year // starting with 2010; that is, 2010, 2015, 2020, // and so on, for 30 years. start Declarations num year num START_YEAR = 2010 num FACTOR = 5 num END_YEAR = 2040 while year <= END_YEAR output year endwhile year = year + FACTOR stop Debug 05-02: // A standard mortgage is paid monthly over 30 years. // This program is intended to print 360 payment coupons // for each new borrower at a mortgage comapny. Each coupon // lists the month number, year number, and a friendly mailing reminder. start Declarations num MONTHS = 12 num YEARS = 360 string MSG = "Remember to allow 5 days for mailing" num acctNum num monthCounter num yearCounter housekeeping() while acctNUm <> QUIT printCoupons() endwhile finish() stop housekeeping() print “Enter account number or “, QUIT, ” to quit ” return printCoupons() while yearCounter <= YEARS while monthCounter <= MONTHS print acctNum, monthCounter, yearCounter, MSG monthCounter = monthCounter + 1 endwhile yearCounter = yearCounter + 1 endwhile output "Enter account number or ", QUIT, " to quit " input acctNum return finish() output "End of job" return Debug 05-03: // This program displays every combination of three-digit numbers start Declarations num digit1 num digit2 num digit3 while digit1 <= 9 while digit1 <= 9 while digit3 <= 9 output digit1, digit2, digit3 endwhile endwhile digit1 = digit1 + 1 digit3 = digit2 + 1 digit2 = digit3 + 1 endwhile stop Debug 05-04: Your downloadable files for Chapter 5 include a file named DEBUG05-04.jpg that contains a flowchart with syntax and/or logical errors. Examine the flowchart and then find and correct all the bugs. SCREENSHOTS SOLUTION PAYMENT The solution includes a zip file. Attachments [Move over files to preview content of those files] (282.27 KB) DEBUG-01-02-03.docx Debug-Screenshot-1.png Debug-Screenshot-2.png DEBUG04.doc DEBUG05-01-Screenshot.png DEBUG05-02-Screenshot.png DEBUG05-03-Screenshot.jpg DEBUG05-04-Screenshot.jpg Visual Logic programs DEBUG05-01.vls DEBUG05-02.vls DEBUG05-03.vls DEBUG05-04.vls Price: $15 Buy Now Checkout Added to cart Add to Cart Checkout Added to cart Note: We offer a discount for buyers who purchase multiple items. You May Also Like: Visual Logic and Design 8th Edition Chapter 5 Maintenance Programming Logic and Design 8th Chapter 5 Exercise 13 Programming Logic and Design 8th Chapter 5 Exercise 8 Programming Logic and Design 8th Chapter 5 Exercise 5 Programming Logic and Design 8th Chapter 5 Exercise 3


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