CISS 350 Programming Assignment 4 Circular Linked List



Programming Assignment 4
Implement the following specification of UnsortedType using a circular linked list as the implementation structure.
template struct NodeType; /* Assumption: ItemType is a type for which the operators “<" and "==" are defined—either an appropriate built-in type or a class that overloads these operators. */ template class UnsortedType { public: // Class constructor, destructor, and copy constructor UnsortedType(); ~UnsortedType(); UnsortedType(const UnsortedType&); void operator=(UnsortedType); bool IsFull() const; // Determines whether list is full. // Post: Function value = (list is full) int GetLength() const; // Determines the number of elements in list. // Post: Function value = number of elements in list. void RetrieveItem(ItemType& item, bool& found); // Retrieves list element whose key matches item’s key // (if present). // Pre: Key member of item is initialized. // Post: If there is an element someItem whose key matches // item’s key, then found = true and item is a copy of // someItem; otherwise found = false and item is // unchanged. // List is unchanged. void InsertItem(ItemType item); // Adds item to list. // Pre: List is not full. // item is not in list. // Post: item is in list. void DeleteItem(ItemType item); // Deletes the element whose key matches item’s key. // Pre: Key member of item is initialized. // One and only one element in list has a key matching // item’s key. // Post: No element in list has a key matching item’s key. void ResetList(); // Initializes current position for an iteration through the // list. // Post: Current position is prior to list. void GetNextItem(ItemType&); // Gets the next element in list. // Pre: Current position is defined. // Element at current position is not last in list. // Post: Current position is updated to next position. // item is a copy of element at current position. private: NodeType* listData; int length; NodeType* currentPos; };
A listing of the specification and implementation files for UnsortedType
A listing of the driver program for your test plan
A listing of the test plan as input to the driver.
A listing of the output from the driver.
The solution includes a Visual Studio (c++) project
Attachments [Move over files to preview content of those files] (1.49 MB)
Visual Studio C++ Project
Preview CircularLinkedList.cpp
xxxxx xxxxxxxxx xxx;
xxxxx xxxx {
xxxxxx xxxx;
string address; char sex; int age; string toString(); User(); // This is the constructor User(string _name, string _address, char _sex, int _age); // This is the constructor bool operator == (const User &Ref) const { return(this->name ==; }
bool operator < (const User &Ref) const { xxxxxx(xxxx->xxxx < xxx.xxxx); } xxxx xxxxxxxx > (xxxxx xxxx &xxx) xxxxx
Preview ReadMe.txt
xxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxx : xxxx350xxxxxxxxxx4 xxxxxxx xxxxxxxx
xxxxxxxxx xxx xxxxxxx xxxx xxxx350xxxxxxxxxx4 xxxxxxxxxxx xxx xxx.
This file contains a summary of what you will find in each of the files that make up your CISS350Assignment4 application.
CISS350Assignment4.vcxproj This is the main project file for VC++ projects generated using an Application Wizard. It contains information about the version of Visual C++ that generated the file, and
xxxxxxxxxxx xxxxx xxx xxxxxxxxx, xxxxxxxxxxxxxx, xxx xxxxxxx xxxxxxxx xxxxxxxx xxxx xxx
xxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxx.
xxxx xx xxx xxxxxxx xxxx xxx xx++ xxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxx xxxxx xx xxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxx.
xx xxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxx xxxxx xxx xxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxx xxx xxxxx xx xxxx xxxxxxx
Preview stdafx.h
// xxxxxx.x : xxxxxxx xxxx xxx xxxxxxxx xxxxxx xxxxxxx xxxxx,
// xx xxxxxxx xxxxxxxx xxxxxxx xxxxx xxxx xxx xxxx xxxxxxxxxx, xxx
// xxx xxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxx
#pragma once
#include “targetver.h”
// xxxx: xxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxx xxxx xxxxxxx xxxxxxxx xxxx
Preview targetver.h
#pragma once
// Including SDKDDKVer.h defines the highest available Windows platform.
// If you wish to build your application for a previous Windows platform, include WinSDKVer.h and // set the _WIN32_WINNT macro to the platform you wish to support before including SDKDDKVer.h.
// xxx xxx _xxx32_xxxxx xxxxx xx xxx xxxxxxxx xxx xxxx xx xxxxxxx xxxxxx xxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxx.x.
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