Install Visual Studio Express 2019 for Windows Desktop (you will need to create a free Microsoft account as part of this process, if you do not already have one). LINK – Instructions for installation can be found in the Reading & Study folder of Module/Week 1.
Create a new empty project in Visual Studio (VS) called “Hello World,” and then create a new .cpp file called HelloWorld. Into your HelloWorld.cpp file, copy the contents of the provided Lab Template (all of your programming assignments must start by copying the contents of the Lab Template into your main .cpp project file). Then below the “//Program logic” line add the following code exactly as it appears here: cout << “Hello World!” << endl; Compile and run your code. Submit C++ Programming Assignment 1 by 11:59 p.m. (ET) on Monday of Module/Week 1. SCREENSHOTS SOLUTION PAYMENT CSIS111 Week 1 Hello World The solution includes Visual Studio project, report, screenshots. Attachments [Move over files to preview content of those files] (25.63 MB) CSIS111-Week-1-Screenshot.png Firstname_Lastname_Assignment1_Report.docx Visual Studio Project HelloWorld .vs HelloWorld v16 .suo Browse.VC.db ipch AutoPCH 44d433f789a7baf4 HELLOWORLD.ipch 53598d78754fd8c6 HELLOWORLD.ipch fc47fc64acc91270 HELLOWORLD.ipch Debug HelloWorld.exe HelloWorld.pdb HelloWorld Debug HelloWorld.exe.recipe HelloWorld.ilk HelloWorld.obj HelloWorld.tlog HelloWorld.lastbuildstate vc142.idb vc142.pdb HelloWorld.cpp HelloWorld.vcxproj HelloWorld.vcxproj.filters HelloWorld.vcxproj.user HelloWorld.sln Preview HelloWorld.cpp // -- xxxxx xxxxxxxxx xx xx xxx xxxx�x xxxxxxx //xxxx 111- xxxxxxxxxx #1 // //xxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxx #xxxxxxx #include using namespace std; //Global declarations: Constants and type definitions only -- no variables //Function prototypes int main() { //In cout statement below SUBSTITUTE your name and lab number xxxx << "xxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxx -- 1" << xxxx << xxxx; //xxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxx //xxxxxxx xxxxx xxxx << "xxxxx xxxxx!" << xxxx; //xxxxxxx xxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxx xxxxxx("xxxxx"); Price: $9 Buy Now Checkout Added to cart Add to Cart Checkout Added to cart You May Also Like: CSIS 111 Module Week 2 ASSIGNMENT INPUT OUTPUT CSIS 111 Module Week 3 ASSIGNMENT CONTROL STRUCTURES IF ELSE CSIS 111 Module Week 4 ASSIGNMENT CONTROL STRUCTURES WHILE FOR DO CASE CSIS 111 Module Week 5 ASSIGNMENT USER DEFINED FUNCTIONS CSIS 111 Module Week 6 ASSIGNMENT USER DEFINED SIMPLE DATA TYPES STRING TYPES CSIS 111 Module Week 7 ASSIGNMENT ARRAYS CSIS 111 Module Week 8 ASSIGNMENT BATTLE SHIP GAME


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