Fundamentals of Python Chapter 9 Project 1 2



1. Write a GUI-based program that implements the bouncy program example discussed in Section 9.1.
2. Write a GUI-based program that allows the user to convert temperature values between degrees Fahrenheit and degrees Celsius. The interface should have labeled entry fields for these two values. These components should be arranged in a grid where the labels occupy the first row and the corresponding fields occupy the second row. At start-up, the Fahrenheit field should contain 32.0, and the Celsius field should contain 0.0. The third row in the window contains two command buttons, labeled and When the user presses the first button, the program should use the data in the Fahrenheit field to compute the Celsius value, which should then be output to the Celsius field. The second button should perform the inverse function.
The solution includes python programs
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xxx __xxxx__(xxxx):
“””xxxx xx xxx xxxxxx xxx xxxxxxx.”””

# Label and field for the height
self._heightLabel = Label(self, text = “Initial Height: “)
self._heightLabel.grid(row = 0, column = 0)
self._heightVar = DoubleVar()
self._heightEntry = Entry(self,
textvariable = self._heightVar)
self._heightEntry.grid(row = 0, column = 1)

# Label and field for the index
self._indexLabel = Label(self, text = “Index: “)
xxxx._xxxxxxxxxx.xxxx(xxx = 1, xxxxxx = 0)
xxxx._xxxxxxxx = xxxxxxxxx()
xxxx._xxxxxxxxxx = xxxxx(xxxx,
xxxxxxxxxxxx = xxxx._xxxxxxxx)
xxxx._xxxxxxxxxx.xxxx(xxx = 1, xxxxxx = 1)
xxxx xxxxxxx xxxxxx *
xxxxx xxxx(xxxxx):
xxx __xxxx__(xxxx):
## self._fahren = 0.0
## self._cel = 0.0
self._fahrenLabel = Label(self, text=”Fahrenheit”)
self._fahrenLabel.grid(row=0, column=0)
self._fahrenVar = DoubleVar()
xxxx._xxxxxxxxxxx = xxxxx(xxxx, xxxxxxxxxxxx=xxxx._xxxxxxxxx)
xxxx._xxxxxxxxxxx.xxxx(xxx=1, xxxxxx=0)
xxxx._xxxxxxxx = xxxxx(xxxx, xxxx=”xxxxxxx”)
xxxx._xxxxxxxx.xxxx(xxx=0, xxxxxx=2)
xxxx._xxxxxx = xxxxxxxxx()
xxxx._xxxxxxxx = xxxxx(xxxx, xxxxxxxxxxxx=xxxx._xxxxxx)
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