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Final Class Project Grading System:
You are currently taking a course at Liberty University and you notice your professor has been keeping track of grades manually. To help alleviate any issues he is having you decide to create a Visual Basic program that will allow him to enter grades for each student and produce a report for later use. You sit down with him to come up with the following requirements for the application:
There will be at least two forms, the student form and the grade entry form.
The initial form will provide the professor with the following functionality:
Student populated list
The student list must be populated from a .txt file into an array
The student list will vary from term to term so the array has to be flexible
The student list can be in a drop-down box or in a list box
When the professor selects the student from the list provided a student entry form is displayed.
When the quit button is selected the user will be presented with a verification if the professor would like to leave the screen
The student entry form will provide the professor with the following functionality
The student name
A picture of the student selected is required for verification (the student image will be named with the studentname.jpg)
The ability to enter the following number of assignments for each category (2 tests (out of 100 each), 3 quizzes (out of 50 points each), 5 assignments(out of 50 points each))
Indication if any of the individual grades are below 70 percent
A calculate button
A clear button
The clear button will clear everything on the screen except for the student name and image
A cancel button
The cancel button returns to the previous form for the professor to select a new student
The calculate button is required to include the following”
A check to see if any grades are missing. If a grade is missing the user is prompted with an error and the application directs the professor to the location of his mistake. The program will not keep calculating
A total for each category where all assignments for each category are out of the same number of points
Once the totals are determined, the total grade is calculated using the following percentage
Tests – percentage of grade 50%
Quizzes – percentage of grade 20%
Assignments – percentage of grade 30%
The professor is presented with a report to the screen with the following information:
The total student points
The total final letter grade for the student using the following breakdown:
90-100 = A
80-89 = B
70-79 = C
Below 70 = Not passing
If the student fails the form background color will change
For this assignment you will provide appropriate pictures of your choice for the students selected, one being an image that is provided along with the assignment.
The student list will be created and populated by you. You must have at least 5 students and all students must be unique.
As in all of your assignments, make sure that you have used appropriate programming techniques (i.e. naming of controls and variables, form has a title, internal documentation/comments are clear, formatting of any currency fields, etc.)
The solution includes a Visual Studio (VB) project
Attachments [Move over files to preview content of those files] (365.49 KB)
Visual Studio project
Charon Gilchrist.jpg
Gregory Golden.jpg
Jimmy Smith.jpg
John Doe.jpg
Kate Winslet.jpg
Kevin Coles.jpg
Sara Nicole.jpg
My Project
My Project.Resources.Designer.vb.dll
Preview InitialForm.vb
xxxxxxx xxxxxx.xx
xxxxxx xxxxx xxxxxxxxxxx
xxxxxxx xxx xxxxxxxxxx_xxxxx(xxxxxx xx xxxxxx, x xx xxxxxxxxx) xxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxx.xxxxx
Environment.Exit(0) End Sub
Private Sub InitialForm_Load(sender As Object, e As EventArgs) Handles MyBase.Load Dim readText() As String = File.ReadAllLines(“students.txt”) Dim s As String For Each s In readText
xxx xxx
xxxxxxx xxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxx_xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx(xxxxxx xx xxxxxx, x xx xxxxxxxxx) xxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxx.xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
xxx xxxx xx xxxxxx = xxxxxxxxxxxxxx.xxxxxxxxxxxx()
Preview ResultForm.vb
xxxxxx xxxxx xxxxxxxxxx
xxxxxx xxx xxx(xxxxx xxxxxxxxx xx xxxxxx, xxxxx xxxxxxxxx xx xxxxxx, xxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xx xxxxxx, xxxxx xxxxxxxxxx xx xxxxxx, xxxxx xxxxxxxxxxx xx xxxxxx)
xxxxxxxxxxxxxx.xxxx = “xxxxx xxxx xxxxxx: ” + xxxxxxxxx.xxxxxxxx() + ” xxxxxx”
quizScoreLabel.Text = “Total quiz scores: ” + quizScore.ToString() + ” points” assignmentScoreLabel.Text = “Total assignment scores: ” + assignmentScore.ToString() + ” points” totalPointsLabel.Text = “Total points: ” + finalScore.ToString() + ” points” finalLetterGradeLabel.Text = “Letter grade: ” + letterGrade End Sub
xxx xxxxx
Preview StudentEntryForm.vb
xxxxxxxxxxx.xxxx = xxxx
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx.xxxxxxxxxxxxx = “xxxxx/” + xxxx + “.xxx”
xxxxxxxxxxxxx = xxxx1xxxxxxx.xxxxxxxxx
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx = xx.xxxxxxxxx
xxxxx(0) = xxxx1xxxxxxx
tests(1) = test2TextBox quizzes(0) = quiz1TextBox quizzes(1) = quiz2TextBox quizzes(2) = quiz3TextBox assignments(0) = assignment1TextBox assignments(1) = assignment2TextBox assignments(2) = assignment3TextBox assignments(3) = assignment4TextBox assignments(4) = assignment5TextBox End Sub
Private Sub cancelButton_Click(sender As Object, e As EventArgs) Handles cancelButton.Click
xxx xxx
xxxxxxx xxx xxxxxxxxxxx_xxxxx(xxxxxx xx xxxxxx, x xx xxxxxxxxx) xxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxx.xxxxx
xxx x = 0 xx 1
xxxxx(x).xxxx = “”
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